MCL Wins Major UK MOD Hearing Protection Tender

Published: 27/05/2015

May 27th 2015, Dynamic Ear Company (DEC), has announced a major UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) tender contract for Marlborough Communications Limited (MCL) to supply its Tactical In-ear Protection Plugs (TIPPS) to the UK armed services. Although the smallest impulse protection device to provide a switchable solution to noise attenuation, TIPPS are compliant with CE and ANSI IPIL hearing safety regulations, as well as conforming to military specifications.
TIPPS reduce combat level noise, whether continuous or burst mode, to a minimum safe level. This allows the wearer to maintain mission critical situation awareness in any

The low profile design is comfortable to use and fits under communications headsets, helmets or ear protectors. Essential to the design is the open air passage through the earpiece, which reduces irritation and heat build up within the ear canal. TIPPS offer dual mode passive hearing protection, against continuous noise in the closed mode (25 dB SNR), such as for use in personnel carriers and aircraft engines. In the switchable open mode they guard against impulse noise, such as rapid arms fire or artillery bombardment. In open mode CE certified attenuation is 15 dB SNR, as impulse noise rises to 168 dB TIPPS has ANSI IPIL certified attenuation of 33 dB, equivalent to a full block.

Ready to wear out of the box, with no forming required, TIPPS tips are available in four sizes each having three soft curved flanges and manufactured in medical grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The design helps position the plug correctly within the ear and provides stability and increased retention during extended periods of wear and physical exertion.

Steve Collicott, Business Development Director, Dynamic Ear Company, stated, “Success in this tender demonstrates the MOD’s commitment to providing the best product solutions to the armed services. Hearing damage and consequential loss is a problem in the military, exposure to continuous high levels of noise in combat and training environments affects performance and contributes to long terms health issues. These plugs can eliminate the problem at source, ensuring fully alert personnel, who are able to hear, communicate and respond to situations.”
TIPPS are available from Marlborough Communications Limited.

TIPPS shooting filters are also available with custom ear molds through DEC partner mold manufacturers to ensure a personalized fit.
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