Acoustic Leakage Tester (ALT)

Published: 13/03/2015

Dynamic Ear introduce the first commercially available Acoustic Leakage Tester (ALT).

Ensuring the correct fit of custom moulds should be carried out on every pair sold however this is not typically the case. Factors limiting the use of leakage testers are size, weight, complicated tubes and noise. When in use they can cause pain for the client due to over or under pressurisation resulting in few mould manufacturers or impression makers having the necessary equipment or inclination to check fit.

Dynamic Ear Company, leaders in flat attenuating passive filter technology, shooting filters, universal fit HP solutions and Dynamic Sound Technology has introduced the first commercially available Acoustic Leakage Tester at AudiologyNow 2015.

Designed for use by Audiologists, custom mould manufacturers and anyone supplying HP solutions, the Acoustic Leakage Tester from Dynamic Ear Company is a portable, silent leakage test system for use with both custom moulds and universal ear plugs.
Running on an iPod ALT provides single button measurement and automated calibration routine, ensuring accurate results every time. Comfort and correct fitting are paramount for the client; being an acoustic system DEC’s ALT eradicates pain and misfitting due to over and under pressurisation.
Health and Safety departments wishing to train employees on the correct fitting and insertion of universal fit hearing protection can use ALT with DEC’s own brand ‘Crescendo’ reusable hearing protection as it is fully compatible with all DEC solutions.

DEC’s ALT package including iPod, sensor unit, calibration tool and instructions housed in a smart carry case is priced at € 425 excl. VAT. If you already posses an iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPhone) the hardware without iPod is available for only € 235 excl. VAT.
The system comes with a 1 year limited warranty.
ALT is available via DEC distributors or at Crescendo Hearing Protection.

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