Universal Hearing Protection

Universal fit hearing protection with cutting-edge filter technology inside.

DECʼs range of universal fit hearing protection utilises the same filter technology we make available to custom mould manufacturers. Available in four sizes, our triple flange earplug is manufactured using medical grade TPE that is comfortable to wear for long periods. Both earplugs and filters are washable and reusable and carry a two year limited warranty.

DEC filters' sound attenuation is accomplished by a mesh and/or membrane instead of a tiny hole as in resistive tube filters. Compared to a resistive tube filter, the DEC filters have a relatively large aperture providing a superieur better and natural sound transfer and breathing of the ear.

All DEC filters are 100% acoustically tested.

We offer a wide range of products designed for industrial, music, shooting and leisure activities. All carry required hearing protection certification for Europe, USA and Australia/New Zealand. DEC developed and manufactured the best shooting hearing protection which is currently in use by the British army and law enforcement.

DECʼs universal range has a number of unique features having been developed to provide exceptional protection in a discrete miniature package. DEC universal earplugs allow air to enter into the ear. This ventilation reduces the occlusion effect normally experienced when using earplugs and maximises user comfort as well as permitting communication in noisy situations; itʼs really important to be able to hear warning signals without removing your hearing protection.

All our universal products are designed to be interchangeable and upgradable to custom fit earmoulds. This improves performance further, increases user comfort and reduces the initial outlay of custom hearing protection.