Sound Management

In-Ear monitor systems and advanced dynamic hearing protection.

In-Ear headphones

DEC offers a range of In-Ear monitors originally developed for professional musicians and industrial use, providing high levels of isolation due to their unique acoustic design.

The In-Ear range uses single or multiple Balanced Armature Receivers (BAR), which are both small and lightweight yet still provide unprecedented audio performance across the entire frequency range with enhanced bass response, resulting in true music reproduction. DEC's In-Ear headphones are certified as hearing protection and are available with or without an in-line microphone.

Crescendo In-Ears are available via webstores and audiologists.

Dynamic Sound Technology (DST)

DST is an automatically adjusting mechatronic acoustic valve that is used as autonomous hearing protection. DST provides hearing protection only when required. As sound reaches levels that cause permanent damage to the hearing the DST valve begins to close, reducing sound reaching the ear to a safe level. As the external sound level reduces the DST valve partially or fully opens, allowing free communication and environmental awareness. DST does not process sound like traditional electronic hearing protection devices do. This allows the user to make use of all the advantages of natural hearing like spatial awareness and no occlusion effect.

DST can also be combined with communication headsets, Bluetooth, earphones and any other headset or hearing protection product. The result is an hearing protection device that not only protects the ears from unwanted external noise but allows the user the flexibility of hearing external sounds as required, without the need to remove the headset, allowing the user to communicate with colleagues, use a mobile phone or hear an ambulance as they cross the road. This results in reduced fatigue, an ability to focus on surroundings, reduced risk of hearing damage and increased safety.

All of DEC's In-Ear products are suitable for both custom moulds and universal earplugs. Both the DEC filters and the In-Ears have the same union dimensions allowing the user to simply swap from one DEC product to another, eliminating the requirement and investment in multiple custom earmoulds.