Technology is fundamental to the products we bring to the market. Therefore Investment in R&D is paramount to the success of our products. This investment in research is recognized by our customers, which is why DEC is OEM of some of the highest performance hearing protection products available today.

We support custom mould manufacturers and audiologists ensuring their products meet the manufacturing and fit standards required to provide the best hearing protection possible.

DECʼs mass meters are used in mould manufacturing to measure the acoustic mass of the auditory canal. Using DEC design rules for the canal the mass meter is a quantified check that the canal is correct.

Acoustic Leakage Tester is our latest tool for H&S departments and audiologists. Leakage testing of the tip or mould when fitted in the ear canal ensures correct fitting, if the leakage is zero then the fit is correct therefore the user is guaranteed to have hearing protection working at the certified level.