Our story

The inventors of Dynamic Sound Technology
In 2007 DEC was founded to develop Dynamic Sound Technology (DST). DST is patented by DEC and can be used as stand-alone hearing protection or can be embedded in headphone systems, hearing aids and hearables. In 2009 DEC patented and started the production for linear acoustic filters to use in custom earmoulds.
DEC’s brand Crescendo was launched as a showcase to attract private label customers.

The inventors of Ambient Hearing Protection
DEC is the inventor of Ambient Hearing Protection and was first to market linear universal fit hearing protection in 2011.
Ambient Hearing Protection is invented by DEC to overcome the problem of over occlusion, the feeling of remoteness from your surroundings as experienced with other hearing protection solutions like with tube filter earplugs, earmuffs and simple foam earplugs.
DEC Ambient Hearing Protection uses our patented mesh and membrane technologies combined with a large inlet aperture and high frequency catcher technology. The user retains full situational and spatial awareness and speech perception is even improved, especially in loud environments.

The inventors of Filtered Foam Earplugs
The latest invention in the Ambient Hearing Protection range is called Filtered Foam Earplugs. Filtered Foam Earplugs incorporate a filter with large sound port and mesh attenuator. This technology provides natural sound, good speech intelligibility and sound direction. The use of viscoelastic memory foam provides a comfortable and easy fitment. Filtered Foam Earplugs are the ideal ambient hearing protection for the crowd and for the workers.

Patented Impulse (shooting) hearing protection and Leakage Testing
During 2014 DEC developed and patented Impulse filters and the first shipments of this technology as universal hearing protection went to the British Military. The first Acoustic Leakage Tester (ALT) was patented and launched in the following year.

ISO Certified Development and Production facilities
Our current location is at the Delft Technology Park (Delftechpark). All production tools, testing software and methodology to manufacture with the highest quality levels is developed and created in-house. DEC’s production process is highly flexible and scalable, accompanied by a short lead-time between order and delivery.
We adhere high production and quality standards, e.g. all products are 100% Final Acoustical Tested.

DEC places high importance on R&D activity to stay ahead of its competition, resulting in a strong existing and growing patent portfolio.

Worldwide network
Nowadays DEC’s products are available through a worldwide network of OEM-, private label- and distribution partners, serving multiple markets and industries such as PPE, military, motorsports, professional music, leisure and aviation.