How we work

Dynamic Ear Company develops innovative personal sound management products, from passive fixed and variable attenuation filters, communication and music headsets and In Ear monitors.

Located in Delft, DEC is a privately funded company based on the Delftechpark. Within our modern facilities we have a fully equipped audiometric laboratory for the development and testing of hearing protection, audio products and components. This large facility provides DEC with the space needed for the manufacturing and final testing of products.

Technology is fundamental to the products we bring to market, therefore investment in R&D is paramount to the success of our products which is why our fully equipped facility houses an audiometric laboratory, mechanical design seats, electronic and ASIC design and piezo development lab used in Dynamic Sound Technology. This investment in research is recognised by our customers which is why DEC is the OEM of some of the highest performance hearing protection products available today.

DEC is ISO 9001 certified.